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We are a young and growing church, so our youth ministries are especially important to us.


During every individual service that we offer, we have a nursery that is available for all children ages 3 and under. The nursery is staffed by a rotation of ladies in the church, and it is led and organized by the nursery supervisor - Mrs. Janine Harris. As always, parents are invited to keep their child in the main service if they would prefer.

We also have a nursing room available for any mothers who may need to step out during one of our services. This room offers the privacy and comfort that a mother needs to care for her child.


During our 10:00am Sunday School, we have a special class for children ages 3-5 years old. We have a Bible lesson that is specially geared for them, and they get to participate in fun Bible crafts that are themed with each week's lesson. Your child will definitely look forward to the weekly character story, as it is usually a favorite among the children in this class. Our preschool Sunday school teacher is Mrs. Della Rowley.

sunday school primary.jpg

Our primary Sunday School class is for all children who are in the 1st through 3rd grade. They meet at 10:00am each Sunday in our junior church room. As with our preschool class, this class balances a weekly Bible lesson with both crafts and puzzles orgames that challenge the young people to learn more about the Bible and our Saviour. This class is led by one of our most seasoned teachers in the church - Mrs. Louella Black.

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Our junior Sunday School class is for all children who are in the 4th through 6th grade, and they meet at 10:00am each Sunday. For this age group, we believe there needs to be a good balance of Bible lessons and active interaction with the young people. We encourage the kids in this class to engage in questions that provoke further learning of the Lord and His Word. Of course, we also counter this with fun activities that keeps the kids engaged. This class is led by Bro. Terry Anderson.


Our youth group is for all young people in the 7th through 12th grade. Each Sunday, they meet for Sunday School at 10:00am, and their class is taught by Bro. Russ Black. In addition to the weekly class, we also have regular youth activities for the youth group. These activities are led by the pastor and Mrs. Janine. We also encourage the youth group to engage in the church in other areas such as the church choir. Each summer, the youth group takes a youth trip (past two summers have been to Oklahoma City).

In addition to Sunday School, we also offer a children's church service every Sunday at 11:00am and every Wednesday at 7:00pm. These classes offer Bible lessons, games, crafts, and skits. We also offer a program that encourages the kids to read their Bible weekly and memorize Scripture. The kids collect reward tickets that are used at the end of each month for prizes at our ticket table. Sunday's class is led by Bro. Jerry and Mrs. Nita Wright along with Mrs. Katelyn Bright, and Wednesday is led by Mrs. Janine Harris.

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